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Home Care Services Director:

Yolanda McDowell
4822 Fayetteville Rd
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A Primary Choice, Inc

 Home Care Services

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing all individuals with the best comprehensive services to enhance and maintain personal care needs that will enable individuals to be as independent as possible and remain in the comfort of their own residence.

Our Philosophy

A Primary Choice Inc. is a professional Home Care Agency that delivers loving and caring services to all individuals we serve. We promote dignity and respect with consideration for the individual. The concept that we believe in is that your health is very important. Don't let your Joy be dependent on your circumstances, God wants you to prosper in health and many other ways.
Services Provided

PCS - (Personal Care Services)
Home Care services for Children or Adults, that will allow an aide in the recipient’s private residence to assist with the personal care needs that are directly linked to recipient’s medical condition.
(Many individual’s don’t know about the many services, programs and resources available to help an individual continue to live at home.  Often, these services are the first avenue to explore).

Services to allow adults (age 18 and older) who qualify for nursing facility care to remain in their private residence. The program contributes to the quality of the participants and their families/caregivers, while providing care that is cost-effective in comparison to the Medicaid cost for nursing facility care.

Home Care Service for medically fragile children (through age 20) who would otherwise require long-term hospital care or nursing facility care. The program contributes to the quality of life for children and their families/caregivers, while providing care that is cost-effective in comparison to the Medicaid cost for institutional care.

Respite Care
Short term care that helps a family take a break from the daily routine and stress. It can be provided in the client's home or in a variety of out of home settings. Respite care is an essential part of the overall support that families may need to keep their child with a disability or chronic illness at home.

EPSDT  (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment)
Medicaid funding for individuals under 21 years of age.  The service must be medically necessary to correct or ameliorate a defect, physical or mental illness or a condition that is identified through a screening examination.