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Pharmacologic Management/Medication Management

Medication management is the prescription, use, and review of psychotropic medication with no more than minimal psychotherapy.  Medication management is used when evaluating the effects of prescribed psychotropic drugs, with only minimal psychotherapy provided. The service is not timed but generally consists of a 10- to 15-minute visit. Psychiatrist/Clinician comment on the clinical condition of the patient (the interval history and mental status examination are focused on the response to psychotropic medication and side effects), a comment on use of or change in medication, a comment on side effects, and a legible signature.


Medication management provided by a:

  •  Physician/Psychiatrist

  • Clinical nurse specialist who qualifies as a mental health professional (CNS-MH)

  • Psychiatric Nurse practitioner (NP)

  • Registered nurse (not authorized to prescribe) who is:   "Under the supervision of a physician"

  • Employed by or under contract with the physician providing clinical supervision

Initial Evaluation performed by Psychiatrist 


Initial Evaluation can be used for an initial diagnostic or evaluative procedure of a patient. The service includes a history, a mental status examination, formulation of a treatment plan, and, possibly, medical diagnostic tests. The psychiatrist will note the presenting problems of the patient, a medical and psychiatric history, a complete mental status examination, a pertinent medical review of systems, a family and social history, a diagnosis, a review of laboratory tests (if any), and a preliminary treatment plan.